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Introducing SpectralMaterials™

We are a biomaterials company developing next-generation surface coatings.

Who We Are & What We Believe In

As a team of highly curious individuals, we leverage each of our specialty expertise in material science, polymer engineering, as well as product and business development, to create products that address overdue needs in traditional industries, while also keeping up with the ever-changing demands of the innovative material-based products that continuously emerges in the current world.

Our Products

SpectralMaterials™ has two flagship products under the brand division, ShieldGuard™ and ClaraShield™. These products are uniquely formulated to meet specific industry needs without compromising on quality and the environment.


Antimicrobial & antiviral surface coating for enhanced and prolonged sterilization.


Thermal insulation coating to reduce energy consumption and costs for buildings who rely on maintaining ambient temperatures.


Our predecessor product with the focus on providing durability & scratch resistance capabilities.

Meet The Founders

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Julia Peng


Chief Executive Officer

BS Economics,

The Wharton School

University of Pennsylvania

Team - Alice Yang.JPG

Alice Yang


Chief Science Officer

MSc Immunology,

University of Toronto

HBSc Immunology & Human Biology, University of Toronto

We're On A Mission To Create A Better World

Our mission is to create a world where a physical product can be protected from damage and corrosion, while maintaining its original appearance and functionality, for years to come without having to be replaced or repackaged due to weather and other types of wear and damage. All with minimal impact on the environment and the safety of production workers.

The SpectralMaterials™ Advantage


Our business is built on trust and honesty. All transactions and communications are kept confidential.


Innovation runs in our culture. You can always rely on us to provide a fresh solution to your problem.

Top-Notch Quality

We take pride in all our products, and want to assure you of our excellent long-lasting solutions.

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