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SpectralMaterials™ ClaraShield™

Antimicrobial & antiviral surface coating for enhanced and prolonged sterilization.

The Problem

As COVID-19 highlighted the importance of surface sterility for high-touch surfaces, we accelerated the development track for an antimicrobial and antiviral feature for the ShieldForte platform. The newly developed ClaraShield™ product line will improve surface sterility for high-touch surfaces, kitchen & home appliances, electronics, computer hardware, and workspaces. As we observed in 2020, the global need for antimicrobial & antiviral agents in these markets has significantly increased.

ClaraShield™ Product Features & Capabilities

ClaraShield™ does not incorporate metal nanoparticles in its proprietary formulation, when compared with many traditional types of antimicrobial coatings. Metal nanoparticles have the disadvantage of leaching into the environment via water condensation after 8-12 months of usage, resulting in loss of antibacterial or antiviral activity, and pollution to the environment.

Fully transparent, with option to have watermark patterns built-in

Non-toxic & environmentally friendly

Long-lasting antiviral & antimicrobial surface coating

Polyurethane based coating that lasts up to 6 months before reapplication

Continuous protection against pathogen transmission

How ClaraShield™ Works

1. A bacteria in the surrounding near a ClaraShield™ coated surface.
2. Since our coating is uneven on the molecular level and slightly charged, it automatically repels a portion of the bacteria from landing, making it harder for them to transmit through contact transmission in public spaces.
3. For the portion of bacteria that lands on the surface, the elimination effect starts within minutes. The bacteria’s cell wall is disrupted and the bacteria begins to leak content and becomes destroyed. The process is the same for a virus


Compatible Surfaces

You can explore the list of compatible surfaces that ClaraShield™ is applicable with below: