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Our long-lasting antimicrobial & antiviral surface coating 


As COVID-19 highlighted the importance of surface sterility for high-touch surfaces, we accelerated the development track for an antimicrobial and antiviral feature for the ShieldForte™ platform. The newly developed ClaraShield™ product line will improve surface sterility for high-touch surfaces, kitchen & home appliances, electronics, computer hardware, and workspaces. As we observed in 2020, the global need for antimicrobial/antiviral agents in these markets has significantly increased.

ClaraShield™: Product Features & Capabilities: 

ClaraShield™ does not incorporate metal nanoparticles in its proprietary formulation, when compared with many traditional types of antimicrobial coatings. Metal nanoparticles have the disadvantage of leaching into the environment via water condensation after 8-12 months of usage, resulting in loss of antibacterial or antiviral activity, and pollution to the environment.

ClaraShield - Key Attributes Chart