High Performance Materials,

For Years To Come

High Performance Materials,

For Years To Come

Spectral Materials is a leader in next-generation functional coatings. As a lean, highly specialized company in advanced materials, we are driven by the mission of providing unique feature combinations that are often overlooked by the traditional incumbent corporations in the space.

Our team is focused on developing technologies that transform the way people interact with their environments. We created the Shield™ coating platform to enable our company to successfully enter multiple markets with the goal to provide next-generation coatings for diverse surfaces including glass, metal, and plastic.

Our coating  platform boasts features such as: 

  • Fully transparent

  • High durability, resistance to scratch & abrasions

  • Resistance to corrosion & common solvents

  • Long shelflife of 3-5 years

  • All materials generally regarded as safe (GRAS)

  • All materials compliant with US pharmacopeia (USP)

  • Non-toxic, biosafe and biocompatible

  • Environmentally conscious

Overview of three thin film platforms each targeting a specific need in the current world:

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