The 5 Benefits Of Products Treated With ClaraShield

There is a widespread growth in the use of antimicrobial coatings for not only the industrial and healthcare sectors where they are most needed, but also for domestic use. The application of antimicrobial and antiviral coating technology has proven to be effective against a wide range of bacteria, viruses and mould. This prevents the spread of harmful microorganisms and minimizes the risk of infections being transmitted via contact surfaces. Having high touch surfaces such as touchscreens and computer peripherals treated with ClaraShield inhibits the growth of these microbes, serving as an additional protective barrier. Discover the 5 great benefits of using products treated with ClaraShield below.

1. Lasting Protection Against Microbes

The ClaraShield antimicrobial and antiviral technology provide 24/7 protection against a wide range of bacteria and viruses. ClaraShield is an antimicrobial polymer that possesses chemical stability and non-volatility, presenting long-term activity. This added barrier of protection constantly keeps users safe, greatly minimizing the spread of diseases via contact surfaces. Not only is ClaraShield able to destroy bacteria and viruses that land on its surface within minutes, the treated surface also repels a portion of bacteria and viruses landing on it, making the transmission of these harmful microorganisms via contact surfaces even more difficult. Since the antimicrobial polymers possess chemical stability and are non-volatile, this allows the treated surface to have long-lasting protection against harmful microbes.

2. Longer Product Lifespan

While different products have varying shelf-life expectancies, ClaraShield has been proven to prolong the usable life of treated products. Such antimicrobial polymers promise the long-term durability of a product, making them more environmentally friendly which further builds on the sustainability message. The efficacy of ClaraShield against bacteria, viruses and mould also help to minimize the risk of these products undergoing premature degradation. The technology works by inhibiting the growth of harmful microorganisms on the surface of the product, thereby prolonging the lifespan of treated products, without producing a fouling smell.

3. Cost-Effective

Medical facilities, public institutions, and building managers stand a chance of saving an incredible amount of money. This is because surfaces treated with ClaraShield are able to drastically reduce maintenance costs associated with any replacement of unsanitary items. With the application of ClaraShield, surfaces no longer need frequent cleaning to prevent the spread of diseases via physical contact which could potentially reduce the time, labour and disinfectant supplies spent on cleaning. This translates to any additional costs that are needed to maintain the sanitation and hygiene at such facilities.

4. Improved Cleanliness and Health

There are germs and bacteria everywhere. Avoiding them is almost impossible since they exist on all surfaces and cannot be seen with the naked eyes. Hotspots for germs include places like office co-working space, public areas and hospitals where there is substantial human traffic every day. Thus it is crucial for surfaces to be coated with antimicrobial coatings as it greatly improves cleanliness by making the treated surface an unfavourable environment for survival.

Certain types of bacteria can double in number every four minutes on untreated surfaces. Therefore, for high touch surfaces such as hand railings, light switches and door handles, the incorporation of ClaraShield will help enhance hygiene levels. Subsequently, this leads to better health of users and improved overall confidence levels.

5. Additional Infrastructure Value

ClaraShield's unique antimicrobial coating is also able to increase the value of infrastructures as it has been proven to prevent the growth of moulds in treated areas. Surfaces treated with ClaraShield reduces the need for harsh cleaning agents and disinfectants required to deal with stubborn microbes in public facilities. Corporations that have utilized antimicrobial insulation and HVAC before it became an industry requirement were able to offer occupants an enhanced quality of life through a safer and cleaner environment. Not only is ClaraShield capable of value-adding to existing infrastructures when applied, but the product also serves as a clear indication that the well-being of individuals are taken into consideration and is of utmost priority.

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