Let us eliminate your concerns about glass breakage and downtime, so you can focus on increasing the production speed, higher throughput, and getting your medical products into customers’ hands on time with quality compliance.

Spectral Shield™ platform is based on a mechanically robust, proprietary chemical composition that allows for addition and substitution of functional features from our arsenal of innovations. By creating various combinations of features, we are able to diversify into markets with very different technical and commercial product requirements.

Shield™ Forte: A focus on durability & scratch resistance

Glass-to-glass contact can result in multi-million dollar recalls in the pharmaceutical industry. High friction and heat generated in the bulk fill-and-finish process can lead to breakage of glass vials, downtime in the processing lines, and contamination of glass particles in drug products.

Shield™ Forte is an external coating that does not contact the opening or inside of glass containers, and built with sterilization needs in mind. It is compatible with water-for-injection, autoclave, UV-sterilization, and depyrogenation.

Shield™AV: Antimicrobial & antiviral controls that give you peace of mind

COVID-19 highlighted the importance of surface sterility for high-touch areas and consumer packaged goods, demanding improvements in product packaging and handling at every step of the supply chain. In addition, the global CPG landscape has shifted away from single-use containers, a clear indication of which is the ban on single-use plastics in Canada as early as 2021. Large corps have less than two years to implement reusable containers and packaging. Combined with the attention COVID-19 has gathered, the global market for antimicrobial/ antiviral agents has expanded significantly.

Traditional antimicrobials lose efficacy over time due to migration of antimicrobical components out of the medium. Transient antimicrobial agents last merely hours. Shield™ AV addresses both by having antimicrobial efficacy throughout its long lifetime, and eliminates antibiotics migration into the workplace and the environment.

Shield™Guard: Thermal insulation to save the environment and electricity

Policy trends in the residential and commercial window industry are transitioning quickly to energy efficient materials for new and existing developments. 35% of home energy consumption can be attributed to heating and cooling in the United States. Architectural windows are limited by low-tech solutions which remain incremental (ie., single vs. double vs. triple pane window). Current solutions are not cost-effective and often add haze or color to the windows.

Increased consumer adoption of electric vehicles will push the need for thermally insulative windows within the next decade. It is critical to utilize insulative materials to maintain internal temperature in the winter to lower electricity consumption.

Shield™ Guard is a thermally insulative coating that also permits the transmission of visible light, without compromising the aesthetics characteristics of glass. The coating is also durable and scratch resistant to withstand environmental exposure. Compared to alternatives, our product provides an advanced cost-effective coating solution.

The Shield™ Guard product's transparent characteristic can be seen in the image to the left. 

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