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Our innovative lines of advanced coatings and films allow us to diversify into different markets.

Our Humble Beginning

SpectralMaterials™ is an advanced materials company that is transforming the way people interact with the environment. As a highly specialized team, we are driven by the mission of providing unique feature combinations while improving energy efficiency and protecting the environment.

SpectralMaterials™ is focused on developing next-generation coatings to provide key features that include thermal insulation, antimicrobial protection, and enhanced durability. Our two flagship products, ShieldGuard™ and ClaraShield™,  are enhanced versions of their predecessor, ShieldForte.

Our Products

SpectralMaterials™ has two flagship products under the brand division which are ShieldGuard™ and ClaraShield™. These products are uniquely formulated to meet your specific needs without compromising on quality and the environment.



ClaraShield™ is an antimicrobial and antiviral long-lasting coating built with environmental consciousness in mind. The coating is fully transparent and can be applied to a multitude of compatible surfaces without having to be reapplied until 30-180 days later. It is based on a non-leaching proprietary formulation which does not contain metal nanoparticles that eventually end up in the ocean.


ShieldGuard™ is a thermally insulative, transparent coating that does not compromise the aesthetic characteristics of window glass. As an interior coating that is cost-effective for residential and commercial building owners, it is made from 96% renewable materials and can lower the carbon footprint due to maintaining ambient temperatures of a property.



Glass-to-glass contact can result in multi-million dollar recalls in the pharmaceutical industry. High friction and heat generated in the bulk fill-and-finish process can lead to breakage of glass vials, downtime in the processing lines, and contamination of glass particles in drug products. ShieldForte is an external coating built with sterilization needs in mind.

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