Our innovative lines of advanced coatings and films allow us to diversify into different markets with technical and commercial product requirements

Spectral Materials™ is focused on creating advanced coatings & films for commercial & residential buildings, electronics & consumer products, and spaces with high-touched surfaces. By creating various combinations of product lines, we are able to diversify into markets with very technical and commercial product requirements.

ClaraShield™: Antimicrobial & antiviral surface coating for enhanced and prolonged sterilization

ClaraShield is an innovative hard surface disinfectant that continues to prevent microbial and viral growth for long-lasting protection, even after multiple touches. ClaraShield can be used at home as an added safety measure to protect your family, or for high-traffic public spaces to reduce the risk of bacterial and viral surface transmission. This product can be applied to a range of surfaces including handheld electronic devices, kitchen or household appliances, work stations, and more!

ShieldGuard™: Thermal insulation to save the environment and electricity

Policy trends in the residential and commercial window industry are transitioning quickly to energy efficient materials for new and existing developments. As the market need for green clean tech products increases, development of these products are essential.

ShieldGuard™ is a thermally insulative coating that also permits the transmission of visible light, without compromising the aesthetics characteristics of glass. The coating is also durable and scratch resistant to withstand environmental exposure. Compared to alternatives, our product provides an advanced cost-effective film solution.

ShieldForte: A focus on durability & scratch resistance


Glass-to-glass contact can result in multi-million dollar recalls in the pharmaceutical industry. High friction and heat generated in the bulk fill-and-finish process can lead to breakage of glass vials, downtime in the processing lines, and contamination of glass particles in drug products.

ShieldForte is an external coating that does not contact the opening or inside of glass containers, and built with sterilization needs in mind.